My Work

This is just an overview with a few samples of my work. If you would like to see more, please contact me.

Interactive Workbooks

Digital interactive workbooks with input fields.

Social Learning Communities

Students learn socially, so give them a private collaborative social learning network online.

Polling Sites

BYOD affords many opportunities for teaching and learning. Why pay for third-party polling software when you can have your own unlimited use polling site?

Learning Objects

Learning objects are the building blocks of successful online learning. They’re portable, trackable, and best of all: self-grading.

Online Courses

Full courses created with Articulate Storyline and published as SCORM packages.

Mobile Microlearning

Rapid, responsive e-learning created with a mobile-first approach.


Frequent, online formative assessments give students instant feedback and confidence that they understand the material. They are self-grading, trackable, and convey valuable insights into how students learn.


I can build secure places to store your digital objects, so that your faculty can view and download them, if desired.

LMS/VLE Content & Troubleshooting

From developing SCORM content and administering online exams, to troubleshooting complex issues, I like to make the most of the Virtual Learning Environment.

Blending Education

I love creating useful things for education, like portable, reusable learning objects and online social learning communities so I set up a blog and marketplace for educators to download blended learning resources.

About Blending Education

Blending Education was created to help educators, administrators, instructional designers and anyone else interested in teaching and learning to easily implement blended learning into their course, program, faculty or school, thus saving time, cutting costs and minimizing effort.

Simply put, we want your students to love learning what you are teaching, so we aim to reach them where they already are, which is typically on a mobile deviceTo do this we have created portable microlearning objects that you can easily download and use to complement your teaching. Students then access these on any device for truly anytime, anywhere learning. Our microlearning objects, resources, and ideas are professionally-designed, pedagogically-effective and will save you time and effort. You simply download them and then upload them to your LMS in just a few clicks. And the best part is, they grade themselves. We’ve also got loads of free ideas that you can use for your face-to-face teaching.

Currently Blending Education is focused on Science in Higher Education, but will be extending to other subjects and K-12 very soon. However the ideas and many of the resources can be applied to any subject or education level.

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