Educational Solutions

These are a selection of some of my projects where I’ve implemented creative & pedagogically-effective solutions to common, but usually difficult, educational challenges. If you want to learn more about a specific solution, please contact me.

Recruiting International Students

I built a private, interactive, social learning community through which preparatory information could be communicated to prospective offer holders as well as enable students to communicate and collaborate with each other before they arrived in the new academic term. Being prepared (knowing what to expect) at a new University, in a new country, collaborating and making new friends prior to arrival was beneficial in both recruiting and easing transition of students.

Increasing Student Collaboration & Streamlining Resource Delivery

Private learning communities provide a safe space that encourages student participation and facilitates the delivery and tracking of online resources. This could be useful in many scenarios; for example, as a companion to your LMS or as a replacement for those without access to it.

Eliminating Manual Grading

I helped save hours of staff time by using the VLE to assess students online, which automatically grades and delivers feedback instantly. 

Giving Students a Safe Online Space to Practice Writing

It was discovered in a particular faculty that international students were especially vulnerable to a deficit in English and scientific writing. A private space gave them the confidence to practice writing and receive peer and academic help and feedback.

Identifying & Converting Existing Resources to Interactive Digital Learning

There are so many digital resources floating around in your Virtual Learning Environment. Which ones are effective? Which ones aren’t? Which ones could benefit from being converted from a simple Word document, for example, to a self-grading, trackable interactive learning resource? This is best done on a department or Faculty level.

Making Digital Resources Readily Available

Your digital assets are growing, so who is managing them? And does your academic staff have instant access to them? I’ve created repositories so that they can.

Improving Student Satisfaction

Create more interactive resources with instant, consistent feedback and students’ learning will not only improve, but so will their satisfaction with your course or program.

Replacing Outdated Clickers with Free Polling Sites

I’ve found that you can enjoy unlimited polling when you create your own polling site, and let students use their own devices, not to mention saving money.

Moving Exams Online

Your Virtual Learning Environment is there for you, so use it to its full potential. Moving exams online can reduce costs, save staff time, and improve student satisfaction. I have explored and written best practices for delivering online exams effectively.

Getting Faculty Buy-in

With so many educational technologies available, some can feel overwhelmed, frustrated or even unwilling to use technology at all. Although it can be difficult, there are proven methods to help enhance faculty potential to use technology.

Cultivating University Brand Awareness

Creating a continuous stream of high-quality content as Open Educational Resources builds your reputation as a thought leader and can increase social traction and student enrollments.

Auditing Blended Learning Resources

It is increasingly important that higher education institutions are able to audit and evaluate the efficacy of their digital learning resources. My team and I have created an effective framework for auditing and assessing digital learning resources.