Innovative Solutions to Real Problems

Recruiting International Students

A bespoke, private social network helps them feel welcome, encourages collaboration and increases conversion.

Increasing Collaboration & Streamlining Resource Delivery

Private learning communities provide a safe space that encourages student participation and facilitates the delivery and tracking of online resources.

Eliminating Manual Grading

Save hours of staff time and assess students in the manner to which they are accustomed while administering feedback instantly. 

Auditing Blended Learning Resources

My team and I have created an effective framework for auditing and assessing digital learning resources.

Latest Work

Interactive Workbooks

Students can type directly into these PDF workbooks, which can then be submitted on the LMS natively or via Turnitin or other applications.

Online Collaborative Social Learning Networks

Students learn socially so I build them private learning communities.

Rapid e-Learning Design & Microlearning

I can design responsive courses and interactions in a fraction of the time with Articulate 360.

Online Courses

I use Articulate Storyline to create more complex courses that are then published as trackable SCORM/xAPI packages.

Blending Education

I run an EdTech venture called Blending Education with free ideas and resources for educators. What you’ll find on BLENDING EDUCATION:


Ideas are examples of blended learning, with instructions, that you can implement in your course. Ideas cover all subjects and all learning levels. 


Resources are free downloads, featuring tutorials, templates, and activities for your Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). You’ll also find printable and digital resources for using in class.


In The Shop educators can buy and download premium microlearning objects that are ready to use in their courses immediately. All of the resources in The Shop have been professionally-designed by learning technologists and tested by academics.

Blending Education Community

Ask questions, get answers, and meet others in the Community. Educators can share their knowledge and experiences and help other educators just like them.